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Over 16 million Americans served in WWII, each with their own unique story filled with courage, sacrifice, heroism, humor, and love.  The mission of Footsteps Research is to bring your loved one’s story to life using professional research, historical records, and archival photos.  The finished product is the priceless storytelling of your loved-one’s WWII experience that can be shared with family and friends both in print and online.

How it works

Our customers are families of WWII veterans, looking to research their loved-one’s unique role in the war effort.  Our research goes beyond the basics and involves manual searches of the National Archives and newspaper vaults.  Customers provide us with their veteran’s information, documents, and photos that they possess and our team of researchers piece together the story down to where the veteran was each day of the war.


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As a premium research service and to ensure each of our customers receive the best possible end product, we price our services on a case by case basis.  Please fill out our GET STARTED form and we will provide you with a free quote for your individual project. For initial pricing details, please visit our pricing page.

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Examples of our Research

The story that we research and write is delivered to you as both a hardcover book and as a digital page that you can share via email, Facebook, and other social media sites. The book itself is a coffee-table style book that will feature both the story in text format as well as integrate historical photos, document scans, as well as any photos that you provided us during the research phase.  Click below to see some example pages from our final veteran storybook that we deliver to each of our customers.

Example Page 4

We look forward to bringing your veteran’s story to life in a storybook for you and your family to treasure forever!

— Dan & Pete Monfre

Founders of Footsteps Research

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